About Amber

Ciao, I’m Amber.

I’m a twenty-something text book Sagittarius, plant-based yogi and adrenaline junkie. I am addicted to climbing (and falling from) rocks, taking my cuddley toy Monkey (better known as YOLO Monkey) around the world, hiking, cycling, eating carrot cake, buying books, awful horror films, drag queens, Disney and living life to the fullest.

What is Words of Wander?

Words of Wander was born after a spontaneous decision to pack up my life and move to Florence in November 2014. I needed a place to chronicle my time in my favourite city on earth and pay homage to the beautiful people who carved out this incredible chapter of my life. After I left Florence to explore further corners of this gorgeous world , Words of Wander followed my every step – the good, the bad and the ugly.

It was created to share and celebrate without rose tinted glasses. It’s about encouraging yourself to be honest and kind through mindful living and self-love whilst finding your way in a hectic, social-media saturated life. It’s about balance and grounding. It’s about being brave. Being you.


Why ‘do more of what you love’?

I think it’s our duty in life to find something we love – that fills us with light and joy – and to do more of it. For me, those things are writing, yoga and any sport that gets me out in Mother N.

Yoga and climbing came along as a way to break free from the suffocating grips of anxiety that had controlled my existence for as long as I could remember. From my very first downward dog and blistered boulder hand, I knew that it would keep me safe and keep me sane as I moved along my own path of self-discovery.

Before long it was more than just weekly sessions, it was a way of life. Now I want to share that love and passion to encourage others to dedicate themselves to the strength possible from their body and mind. To help others fall in love the way I did.

So why read on?

Through Words of Wanderย I want to share with you my ongoing journey through yoga, mental health awareness, getting outdoors and having new adventures. I never want to stop wondering or wandering.

You’ll find a collection of essays, “how to”s and musings on everything from travel to food, hiking to reading, eco-living to creative writing. It’s for anyone and everyone. The dream chasers and the adventure seekers.

So grab a cuppa and say hi. Because we’re all in it together, aren’t we?