Pandora’s Box.

The room

was exactly how I’d imagined

the soft seats

table in between

water, in case your throat closed up


(or the words got caught, more like)


I was nervous

although, nervous felt too small a word

for the gut-wrenching feeling

that my whole world was about to

spill out

pour out


it was so bold

so obnoxiously bright

it couldn’t be ignored


not anymore, anyway


the clock was reflected in the mirror


the words didn’t stop


and the minutes kept ticking


as the sharp hand

worked its way around the loop

my own shackles loosened

just a glimpse, but a glimpse all the same


I could taste the soap in my mouth

bitter and stomach churning

as I screamed

until my throat was raw


I could see your face

twisted in anger




I could feel the burn my nails had left

my skinny arms

red with the dirty proof






and now that box is open

the demons of the past and their smug faces

tapping me on the shoulder


what have I let out?

what have I set free?


can I trust in the journey?


will I have the power

to not lock the box

butΒ greet the darkness

bid it farewell

until only hope remains?


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