Sailing through the Whitsundays.

We wanted the world

every last inch of it

wanted the azure waters

with its curls of

pure white sand

and the sunrises and sunsets

that seemed to fall off

the edge of the earth


we wanted our own

secret paradise

swept away from reality

every moment

an adventure

a gift waiting to unfold


for three days

we sailed through

our personal nirvana

followed turtles

as they left their mark

before disappearing into

the unknown


we watched dolphins

at night

as they danced through

the gentlest of waves


ran across

quiet islands

climbed to their

intoxicating hideaways

before surrendering

to the ocean

letting ourselves slip

into its delicious embrace


and yet

for every sight

every taste of the sea

and every touch of the sun

there is one moment

that truly carved its tale

across my heart


the moment

I took your hand

and together

we fell into the most

enchanting of skies



by the blanket of black

painted with

the milky way


silently engulfed


silently in love


silently at one


and as the stars fell

like raindrops

leaving patterns across

our skin

we knew we would never forget

the moment

the world was ours.


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