My Darling, My Friend.

There is a power inside of you.

It is burning bright, every single day, with a depth that runs through your veins and breathes its gentle whisper in time with your heartbeat.

I believe in you. Yesterday, today, tomorrow. I believe in you.

Sometimes, that power might feel hard to find. Impossible, even.

Sometimes, there might be a cloak resting over the top of it.

Sometimes, there might be a wall built around it.

Sometimes, it might seem as if it has burnt out forever.

My darling, my friend, you are not alone.

When you find yourself trapped in this abyss, do everything you can to find your way back home. Simple things. One step at a time. After all, small goals are the easiest to achieve aren’t they?

Look inside. Remember who you are. Remember the person who dances around in their underwear when they’re cooking a nutritious and delicious meal. Remember the person who writes for the love of it and can take themselves anywhere in the world through the words typed on a page. Remember the person who loves and lets themselves be loved in return. The person who shrieks when they laugh, who cries with happiness rather than emotional pain. The person who feels the touch of a yoga mat and immediately sheds the outer layer so only the core remains. The person who lets people in rather than pushing them out.

They might seem like a stranger. I know, I know.

The might seem like a figment of your imagination. Someone false. Someone you were pretending to be. That this shadow? This shell? That’s the real you.

But my darling, my friend. You could not be any more wrong.

Reconnect. Find it. Keep digging and delving.

It might be difficult. And oh, it might be painful.

And yet… the other side? It’s paved with love. It’s paved with love for yourself.

Trust the process and trust yourself.

Because my darling, my friend. We will get there together.




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