Trekking in Sapa.

Standing on the brink

the waterfall tumbling, pouring, charging below

the world

slipping off the edge

drowning in the sound

a certainty.


and in everything I have ever seen

all the oceans

and their pockets of jewels

the white sand

and the lilac sunsets

that was the moment I knew

I had found true beauty.


the kind that slowly and then

all at once

beckons the air

out of your lungs.


you know

that feeling

right before the rollercoaster drops.


you made me a crown

out of flowers and leaves

the flowers

that delicate pink.


what I’d do to be wearing that crown now.


the mountains

still rose above us

they demanded their place

kept us feeling small.


the glorious green paths

twisting like snakes across

that epic landscape.

your baby strapped tightly to my back.

I can still feel the red velvet.


below the water slipped seamlessly into

the stream. a steam I’d swim across

soon enough

stripped down whilst you pounced

from rock to rock.


oh how you made it look so effortless.


how can anything compare?

what can match a heart

so full

when invincible was

too quiet a word?


I wanted to let it all out

scream until all the love had

burst out of my lungs

finally giving me that space

to once again






let it all wash over you

now let it wash away.


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