Everything is Temporary.

Sometimes sadness engulfs you.

It sits away quietly, hiding in the shadows, until the opportune moment. The one when it slips back into your life without you realising it had ever been gone in the first place. It’s presence so real, so strong.

Sometimes life doesn’t quite work out the way we had hoped.

The fog you’d fought so hard to keep at bay once again binds your hands and drags you back to the jagged ground, the stones leaving emotional scars you can’t imagine ever healing.

Sometimes the ones we need are the exact ones that disappear.

Loneliness becomes too small a word for the drowning feelings pressing down on your mind, shoulders, chest, stomach. You’re solo on an island waiting for the water to wash it all away.

The familiarity of the scenario is the deepest pain of all. The nod of recognition. The “I didn’t expect to see you again so soon.” But, alas, here we are.

But you pulled yourself out of it once. You’ll pull yourself out of it again.

Say it again. Again. Again.

Everything is temporary.

You can do this.


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