Bangkok Mornings.

Who would have thought

that those chance moments

hidden in the haze

of too many Chang

would have led us here?

I remember the room

as if it was yesterday. remember the

cool beige floors

sticky with the taste of

spilt beer

and god knows what else. the balcony looking out

over the river.

the locals hanging their washing and smoking that

sneaky cigarette

away from the prying eyes

of their family. we see you.

i see you.

a few hours that felt like

an eternity.

whilst our friends slept

we laughed

we cried

we put the world to rights.

i remember

we played Johnny Cash

beneath the stains of time

the feelings disappear

you are someone else

I am still right here

do you remember?

we felt it. we all felt it.

it was something

and nothing

all at once.

because that’s how it works, isn’t it?

when paths cross on a humid

Thai day. when one sewing needle forges

a pattern

with the next. two threads

so different

but somehow the same.

i knew you

and yet i didn’t know you at all.

but still the ink dried

and the memory was made.

now we write our story within the confines of

a paper envelope. every chapter


your tale

incomparable to mine.

who would have thought

that in the calamity

and darkness of

a Bangkok morning

a friendship would remain?

*This poem was originally posted on my blog


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