Find Your Magic

“Do whatever brings you to life, then. Follow your own fascinations, obsessions, and compulsions. Trust them. Create whatever causes a revolution in your heart.”
― Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear

I devoured every word, the electricity spreading right through to my fingertips as I passed from page to page. Every sentence, every thought speaking to me in a way that felt so deeply personal it was as if it had been written for me and me alone.

Because she’s kind of a genius, Liz Gilbert. She says the things we need to hear. Captures it with honesty and vulnerability.

And this dedication to creative living she poignantly represents? It’s something I’ve been lacking recently.

I guess reading these jewels of inspiration showed me that.

It happens so easily… for me, at least. Creativity slips through your fingers and passes you by, until you almost feel detached from that part of yourself. It occurs bit by bit, and then all at once.

The past few months, my life has changed drastically. Leaving Florence, a place where I was surrounded by creative souls and a lifestyle that enabled me to carry out each and every one of my passions with ease, and going back to England. There my life went straight into auto-pilot, each day seamlessly falling into the next, with little to no time to focus on my “drivers”. Over to Australia, where I continue to settle and find my pace. A place where I feel so relaxed and content that creativity should spill out onto the page, into my life… yet somehow I keep so many barriers up that the magic struggles to pass through.

I miss the feel of pen to paper, exploring the realms of poetry, fiction and journaling. Dance, and the intoxication of music as you throw yourself into every movement. The moment of serenity and openness in yoga. Finishing book after book after book after book.

Giving yourself in to a creative life, and allowing it to become a part of your daily existence. An integral component that makes you altogether lighter and more fulfilled.

It happens. Sometime we let go, even just a little.

And that’s okay.

Because the letting go isn’t the important thing. It’s the finding it, the magic, once again that matters.

Your dreams don’t have to be big. Your creativity doesn’t have to change the world.

It just has to speak to you. Whether that be through music, writing or art. Whatever helps you tell your story. You have to allow it to take you, to feel the fear but do it anyway.

Because having the courage to give your innermost thoughts and aspirations a voice can be scary. In fact, it can be damn terrifying. Take the novel I want to write. I know that the reason I have put off even crafting the first word is down to fear. Fear that it is too raw, that I am not strong enough to tell that story. That I will give up on it, and it will all be for nothing.

Or the desire I have, the urge for a new path that keeps finding its way back into my mind. I fear I am not good enough for it. I fear that people will think poorly of me for it.

I’m tired of giving fear a place in my life. Because I am brave. I’m brave for moving to Italy. I’m brave for moving here. I’m brave for giving up a life of stability for one with so many unanswered questions.

So why can’t I be brave here?

If Liz taught me anything (and hell she teaches me a lot) with Big Magic, it’s that you can’t let fear sit in the driver’s seat. Sure, you can acknowledge it. You can accept it is there. But that’s it. After that, you have to take the reins.

And that’s what I’m going to do.

Slowly but surely, I’m going to build the creative life I need.

I’m taking the lead with this one. Finally.

* What about you? What fuels your creative existence? *

Don’t forget to buy Big Magic HERE. You will not regret it.


6 thoughts on “Find Your Magic

  1. Your posts make me want to do more with my life. You are so inspirational, and your words make me want to make my dreams a reality.

    1. Wow Christine, what a wonderful comment… this has made my day! You absolutely have to make your dreams a reality; whatever they are, it is always possible!

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