A Big Announcement for Words of Wander.

It’s been a month since my last post.

A whole month.

It’s safe to say I’ve been pretty neglectful of this little blog. And I’m sorry. Sorry for me. Because writing this blog gives me so much pleasure. Documenting my Italian journey, trying to make sense of this mad experience. Dedicating myself to this style of writing rather than focusing purely on my professional and freelance work. I want to see it grow, become something more. So finding no time in my schedule to commit to it? Yeah, it’s been a bit of a bummer.

A lot has changed. Outside of my full time position my mornings and evenings are swamped with freelancing. Trying to save every single penny in a desperate attempt to build some sort of fund. Increasing my portfolio and getting my name out there. Making the most of weekends, since the truth is, I haven’t got many left in this beautiful city.

Because that’s the other thing. The kind of big, terrifying, ‘am I really doing this‘ thing.

In two months time, I am leaving Florence,

In two months time, I am leaving Florence because I am moving to Australia.

I’m not sure it’s really sunk in yet. That i’ll be taking off halfway around the world… this time with no job waiting for me.

Sometimes I think it’s crazy. Sometimes I think it’s genius.

When I left Cardiff to come to Italy, it was mostly because I was unhappy. I was searching for something more, a way to escape a pretty dark time.

Leaving Florence has nothing to do with being unhappy. That I cannot stress enough. I am absolutely head over heels in love with this city, and I always will be. Not a day goes by when I don’t count my lucky stars that I am here, that I am living it. Florence is my home. Here a part of my soul will always remain.

My life has changed in ways I can’t imagine in the past 7 months. The things I have seen and done. The people I have met. The way I see the world.

I didn’t think I would last more than 3 months. And, honestly, it was never intended to be a permanent thing.

The way I see it? If my very existence has transformed so drastically just from coming here, who’s to say it won’t keep changing for the better by experiencing a totally new culture?

I want to stay out of my comfort zone. I want to keep challenging myself.

I want to see more.

So on September 14, I will board a flight to Sydney. For the first time in what feels like forever, I will not be living the 9-5 life. I’ll be taking a big old break from that, finding some casual work (beach bar anyone?) whilst I develop a business plan that I am damn excited about.

I have no idea how long I will stay. I have no idea what will happen after. Maybe this will be it. Australia will be my ever after.

But for once? I’m not thinking about the long haul. I’m learning to embrace the here and now. Whatever happens… happens.

I’m following my gut with this one. I’m going to take another step into the unknown.

So, wish me luck! I think I’m going to need it. 


5 thoughts on “A Big Announcement for Words of Wander.

  1. Amber: Courage is not an easy trait to develop. Sometimes you just have to GO! and let the rationale surface later. This is a leap of faith. Do not kid yourself or let others say it isn’t. There is a tremendous act of faith in what you are doing. Faith in your abilities and also a faith in the Higher Power, however you choose to define that term.

    I send you a rainbow and pray for an Angel to see you through this crossing. May God within you rise and shine forth!!

    On another note I want to share a little anecdote from time in Italy when Grandma Josie took me there. She bought my Mom a gold medal of La Donna Abbandonata. I’m not sure of the spelling. But it translated at The Abandoned woman. It was the head of a woman with locks of long hair flowing in the wind. she was Blindfolded and smiling.

    I was so puzzled because Gran bought my Auntie a Madonna. Why the difference? I asked. Grandma Josie said my Auntie needed comfort but my Mom needed courage. She had to have faith which is the belief in things unseen but the firm conviction that all the promises of that faith will be fulfilled. My Mom was terribly unhappy in her marriage despite all the material signs of success my parents had entered into with the purchase of a two family house and my Mom’s advancement to an Executive Assistant position at a top NYC bank.

    Two years later my Mom did become the La Donna Abbandonata. Only then did I understand she was abandoning all social norms and definitions and taking a leap of faith to leave my Dad and become who she wanted to be, not what others wanted her to be. There was no other man involved. Mom said she was seeking a genuine voice and a genuine face–her own.

    I wish you strength and the company of those who will support you. I will be here to follow your adventures.

    I wish I had a daughter like you. That’s the only thing I miss from my life.

  2. Wahoo, exciting news! I totally understand the need to keep challenging yourself and try new things. I’ve had such a great experience of living in Sydney that I’m already think ‘where next’. We won’t be going anytime soon though so I look forward to welcoming you to this side of the world in a few short months. J

    1. The killer “what next”… I am plagued by it! I think it’s a good thing though (I hope!). We are curious! Eek, two months today and I will be there. Really looking forward to it!

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