Girl Tweets World Guide to Sydney – Review

I’ve been following the Girl Tweets World blog ever since my penchant for travel was ignited. An award-winning travel blogger originally from the UK, Jayne (the brains behind it all) has blogged her way around 40 countries and is now settled in Sydney as an expat.  Basically, she is living it, and she’s living it hard.

How do you describe GTW?  Well, it’s basically a one stop hub for all your travel related needs, interests and wanderlust-ful urges.  Jayne writes with personality, passion and a fabulously British humour that I absolutely adore.

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So when I heard she had brought out her first travel e-book all about Sydney, I was pretty damn excited.  Not only for her (did I mention that Jayne is also the least pretentious, most helpful blogger I have come into contact with?), but for me.  Because, you know, Sydney.  SYDNEY.  You know when there’s a place you just have to visit?  The place you know in your heart you would just fit?  (Side note – this gut feeling?  It basically dictates my life) Well, that’s Sydney for me.  And whilst I might not be there right now, I was all about delving into its hidden gems in this handy guide.

The guide is split up into 12 chapters running through everything  you should see, eat, drink, shop and Instagram in the big S.  A totally independent book, every location mentioned is in there purely because it’s effing amazing.  No sponsored posts, nada.  So you know from the get go that what you’re reading is authentic (anything other than this tends to be a huge turn off for me).

She starts off with all the best places to eat and drink (because obvs this is number 1 #foodforever) before moving on to the must-see beaches, pools, shops and generally stunning sights that you just have to experience for yourself.  Every section is broken down into handy chunks of information, with location, website and social media accounts clearly displayed for ease of use.

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Photo credit: Girl Tweets World

Throughout the food and drink chapters, she describes with wit and mouth-watering clarity her personal favourite treats which basically left me crying in hangry despair.  I mean, COME ON. Salted caramel gelato?  TUBS of fish n chips? Latin inspired brunch (with – my personal highlight of the book – “really f*cking great fried eggs served with chilli in a basket”)? Cider slushie? Sourdough piled with ALL THE AVOCADO AND CHEESE?  I can’t even.  I just can’t.  As someone who basically lives in the land of food and wine, I could barely lift my jaw up from my desk reading these delicious depictions of what seems to be heaven on a plate.  Kudos Sydney, kudos.

What I really loved about the book, however, was Jayne’s ability to make you fall in love with whatever she laid out for you.  Every time I thought I had reached the pinnacle she offered me up something even more delightful.  And whilst, of course, the guide can’t help but pay homage to the tourist spots of the city, the best parts were the “off the beaten path” extracts… the real insider’s view into THE places to be.  She provides tips on the best times to go places, the ways to beat queues and basically all the important shit you’re never going to find on google.  It’s like Lonely Planet but with even more personality.

She also seamlessly links spots together to build your perfect day (which, fyi, BEST DAY EVER).  So if you’re just taking a fleeting visit, you’re covered.  Staying for the long haul?  Even better, perfect time to try every damn thing in there.

My guilty pleasure of the whole thing?  The selfie section.  Jayne discusses the best places to capture that perfect insta moment… and I will shamelessly admit that I am all about the ideal insta photo.  From street art to beautiful skylines.  It’s one showstopping view after the other.

For £3.99, it’s an absolute bargain.  Seriously, whether you are already there, planning on going or just plagued with a heavy dose of wanderlust, check it out on amazon and prepare yourself to be floored by the biggest travel longing ever.

Me? I’m just going to sit here and daydream about coffee dates surrounded by 30,000 books in a vintage cafe, cocktails by the jug on Bondi Beach and juicy beef patties. Cheers!


4 thoughts on “Girl Tweets World Guide to Sydney – Review

  1. There are so words! Thank you so much for this wonderful review. I’m so glad you like my cheeky selfie section and promise that coffee, cake and/or cider slushies are on me when you rock up to the big S!

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