When in Rome.

Already, I am all over this year.  It’s just over a fortnight in and I’m ticking goals off the list like it’s no one’s business!  I’ve been attending regular yoga classes (more on that another day, but for now check out this incredible woman and her work), I’ve had two pieces of work published in the past week (one in Thought Catalog and one in Huffington Post – oh, and I’ve been asked to be a regular blogger for them… HELLO DREAM), I’m booked on to start evening school on Monday (four weeks of INTENSE Italian = goodbye social life) AND I went on my first Italian adventure outside of Firenze yesterday.

And alas, my great love affair with Rome was born.

Because, how can you go to Rome and not be totally blown away?  Words fail me (for once).  The sheer scale of it all, the overwhelming beauty and the history… oh the history!  Surely it has to be one of the greatest places on earth, right?

P1010243I went with my dear friend Claudia (not only an awesome person but a kick-ass illustrator), who had planned the whole day for us so I experience as much as possible; right down to the best panini shop!  What a dream.

Of course we explored the Colesseum and the Roman Forums; we stood in awe of the Piazza Venezia; we took a path down the river; we stood gobsmacked in the Pantheon and we ventured down to the Trevi Fountain (which was sadly restoration work done on it… but that did mean we got to literally walk right above the fountain so we were within touching distance of the sculptures).

We also – a truly inspiring addition to the day – attended the Norman Rockwell exhibition in Palazzo Sciarra.  The exhibition displayed over 100 pieces of his work, with all his poignant Saturday Evening Post covers.  It was absolutely incredible.  I feel so blessed to have seen such monumental work in such a perfect setting.  It is, easily, a stand out moment for me in my travels so far.


But really, we just scratched the surface.  I’m not sure you could ever witness all the sights, all the secrets of Rome.

For now, let’s let the pictures do the talking…


















BB x

You can catch the Norman Rockwell exhibition until Feb 8 – for more information, check out their website.


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