Lost in the City.

Believe it or not, I’ve actually done it.

Backpack wanker
Backpack wanker

I don’t quite believe it myself.  It seems like it’s something I’ve been dreaming about for so long, constantly fantasizing about this exciting new adventure.  Oh, the places you’ll go!  The things you’ll see! But then somewhere along the way the dream became a reality.

And in the whole lead up to the move, the countless sleepless nights, the sheer panic about the endless list of things I had to do, it never really felt real. Does it feel now?  I’m not too sure.

Because how can something so incredible be anything but a fairytale?

When I finally woke up today (a night out on three hours sleep is foolish, so so foolish) I crawled out of bed and pushed open the big ol’ wooden blinds on my bedroom window.  Three floors up on the cutest little road, I was greeted by the sounds of the Firenze Marathon, just casually passing my flat.  Crowds were gathered cheering on these mental runners as they made their way around one of the most beautiful cities in the world.  And I was just stood there gawping in my onesie.

Before the marathon mayhem…

I then decided it was time to peel off the Primark god-send and explore the city. First stop – Gelato.  AND OH GOD DID IT TASTE GOOD.  I mean, eyes rolling round kinda good.

Oh baby
Oh baby

And then I just walked.  I walked and walked and walked.  Down cobbled side streets lit up with sparkling Christmas lights, past the fanciest shops that ever did exist (man I felt inadequate), down the arno, through museums (although I am planning on dedicated whole days to actually exploring them – so many to delve into!) and around some of the most stunning architecture I have ever seen.  It was truly breathtaking – how you could turn a corner and suddenly be hit by such an overwhelming sight.  I had to keep pinching myself… do I really live here now?

Piazza Santa Croce


I walked for god knows how long until eventually my (not so) little hoofs felt like they were going to disintegrate. So, here I am, full to the brink with risotto (damn I make a good risotto) in my own little dreamland.  And tomorrow I start an exciting new career where I get to do everything I adore FOR A LIVING.  That’s the part I keep forgetting; how bloody amazing the job itself will be.  I’m terrified I won’t be good enough.  Let’s just hope that’s the exhaustion talking… I’ve never doubted myself before.

Speaking of exhaustion – that’s my cue to leave.  Apologies for the slightly shorter, less interesting post than normal… my brain has decided to enter shut down mode and there really isn’t much I can do about it (except sleep, lots of sleep).  I will be back to my ranty, over the top, chatty self tomorrow.  But for now…


BB x


6 thoughts on “Lost in the City.

  1. Wow!! Go Amber. Lara was showing me your photos and telling me about your adventures earlier. I’m so jealous! I wish I’d had the guts to do soemthing like this! Good luck with everything ❤️ xx

    1. Miss you too!! You have to come visit 🙂 Really loving the job – although my laptop is refusing to connect to the internet so annoyingly I can’t blog at the moment! So much to update on xxx

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