November is…

…the final month in the city I have called my home for the past four years.  It’s my final month in the UK for God knows how long.  It’s the final goodbye.

It’s full of panic and worry as I desperately try to piece together the remaining bits of the jigsaw.  But… it’s also full of overwhelming excitement for this incredible adventure that awaits me.

November is the start of a crisp and fresh Autumn.  It’s the month the leaves turn that beautiful reddy-brown as you bring out the faux fur for the first time and get overly excited when Starbucks introduces its red Christmas cups.

It’s the month of sparkles.  Fireworks?  No fools, my birthday!  It’s the one time I can be a full blown diva and (slightly) get away with it.  It’s champagne, it’s sequins, it’s all of the jager.

November is the beginning and the end of two incredible phases of my life.

November is going to be a pretty memorable month. BRING. IT.

Big love,

BB x


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