Winter is coming (and I can’t bloody wait)

I am ALL about winter this year. After a pretty kind summer (especially for Wales, aka, the wettest place in the world) I’m so happy to be finally snuggling into my divalicious fur cape with a pumpkin spiced latte!


It may have been warmer in London on Halloween than it was in Cardiff for most of the actual summer, but objectively looking at the calendar, winter is well and truly upon us now. The clocks have gone back, nobody will make iced coffee anymore and we’ve pretty much said goodbye to the sun for six months.

When it’s pitch black at 4pm, it’s easy to see why Seasonal Affective Disorder is a thing, but winter is also a pretty brilliant time of the year. Some might say it’s the most wonderful…

Sorry, it’s starting already. But the mere IDEA of Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park makes me more excited than a ten year old at a 1 Direction concert. The food, the music, the twinkly lights, the cold air, maybe even a dusting of snow?! I mean, come on, I defy you to watch Frozen and not agree that winter is the most magical, majestic, magnificent season…

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