Goodbye Cardiff, Hello Florence!

Some of you might remember that about a month ago I wrote a post about dreams of my big Italian adventure.  For newbies,florence-glows-at-sunset this was basically me writing about my plans to move to Italy next year to teach, write and just explore the ridiculously beautiful country.

Well, things might have accelerated in that department.

I still can’t quite believe I’m saying this, but I have been offered a job in Florence. And I (of course) have accepted.

Just. What? 

In just under six weeks I will be relocating to the idyllic city of Florence.  By the time I post this, I will have even secured my new living accommodation.  The cherry on top of this delicious cake?  The job is in Marketing.  As in, I will be getting paid to write, in the most beautiful of locations.  AGAIN, WHAT?!?

florenceI don’t even know how I am supposed to feel right now.  On an hourly basis I cross between ecstatic, terrified, proud as punch, nervous, back to terrified for a bit and then over to excited.  I constantly have this stream of mad thoughts whirling around in my head.

But when it comes down to it?  I cannot bloody wait.

It just goes to show that with hard work, passion and sheer determination, you really can achieve anything.  Who would have thought four months ago, when I was trapped in one of the darkest times of my life, that I would be here today planning the biggest adventure to date?  Who would have thought that I would be about to embark on the most exciting step in my career imaginable, totally alone, in a place I have always been fascinated with?

And to me it proves that everything happens for a reason.  Although I would never wish the level of heartbreak I felt on Florence-Shopanyone, it needed to happen for me to become a stronger person and realise my dreams.  Really, he did me a favour.  He set me free to go and live the life I’ve always wanted.

They say that life begins at end of our comfort zone; I couldn’t agree more.  I might be utterly petrified of leaving the safety blanket of Cardiff – the city I believe made me the person I am today, the city I made life long friends in and the city I fell head over heels in love in – but I know that what awaits is going to change my life forever.  I can’t wait to throw myself into a brand new culture and a brand new way of living.  I can’t wait to feel true, unadulterated happiness. I can’t wait to leave behind the sadness for good.

I just can’t wait.

Big love,

BB x


12 thoughts on “Goodbye Cardiff, Hello Florence!

  1. WOW, that’s amazing news. Congratulations! My boyfriend is away at a meeting with work in Florence this week and he said it’s really lovely there, so I hope to visit one day!! Look forward to reading your tips once you’re settled 🙂 Danielle x

    frontière girl

  2. Congratz! That really sounds like more than just an amazing experience. Make the best out of your time in Italy. I’m looking forward to your experiences in the country you love 🙂

  3. Congratulations!! This is incredible! I was in Florence this summer and it is hands down my favourite European city that I have so far visited, you will have an amazing time, it is so beautiful and there is so much to do… not to mention the Italian food!!
    Sass x

    1. Oh amazing, that’s so lovely to hear, thank you! I can’t wait to explore all the beautiful sights… and it definitely helps that lasagne is my fave meal evuuuuh! x

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