Say No to makeup wipes.

I’ve always been the absolute worst when it comes to skincare.  Skincare for me is a quick scrub with a 99p makeup wipe once a day and a bit of primer before I cake on the makeup.  If that.

Luckily I don’t really suffer too much with spots (although you used to be able to dot the dot on my face when I was younger. Oh adulthood, occasionally you can be so sweet), but what I do suffer with is the patchiest most tired looking skin EVUH.

Whilst my lack of any good skincare is obvs the root of the problem, it really doesn’t help that I never get more than 6 hours sleep a night (if that – last night’s “sleep” actually consisted of a series of weird hallucinations and then night terrors about things I thought I’d forgotten to do for that evening’s work event), am bladdy awful at drinking my 8 pints a day and spend most of my time sat in front of a computer screen.  Oh life, I just want glorious baby bottom skin that glistens like my fave vampire, EC.

Screw you makeup wipes, you little devil you!

SO, inspired by the seriously talented Hannah Gale (total blog inspiration – check out her site if you haven’t already) I will be going a month without makeup wipes and instead paying close attention to my 20 going on 60 year old skin.  Because really, despite being the most convenient thing ever (particularly when I wake up hanging covered in last night’s hooker makeup) they are seriously damaging for your skin.  Aside from being soaked in pretty potent chemicals, the moist (shudder) wipes packed on top of one another are just a pardy for that bastard we call bacteria.  Scrubbing all dat on ya face? It ain’t good bro.

Now I can assure you, the sleep pattern thing isn’t going to change.  There physically are not enough hours in the day for me to do everything I need to AND get my eight hours shut eye.  But, for the next four weeks I will be making a conscious effort to drink so much water I never leave the toilet, cut out all the chocolate and crap I so desperately crave, attempt to get a bit more fresh air and, well, views of the outside world and of course start some sort of a skincare routine.

And after traipsing various beauty blogs, it seems these are the products that suit my skin type whilst not damaging the bank account:


Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Oil-Free Moisturiser | Nivea Daily Essentials 2 in 1 Cleanser & Toner | St.Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub

I’m also going to try (although chances are this won’t happen) to not wear makeup at least twice a week.  My massive lack of self-confidence means I layer the makeup on every single day.  And the second I go anywhere without it, all I get is “OMG Amber, are you okay?! No offence but you look like f**king shite” okay slight exaggeration but defs along those lines.

On November 16th I will publish another post to say whether or not I can see any difference.  And to prove it (here’s the bit I’m sure you will all just LOVE) here’s a really gorgeous photo of me going au naturel.  Please note: this was taken the day after a full day and night of hosting big time corporates in Oxford, with possible contamination of the sickness variety (the next 24 hours will confirm this… HOORAY).


And I have to admit, even after one night my skin already does feel so much smoother.  Bladdy nora, I’m going to look positively new-born by the time this month is out lol jk but a gal can dream.  The Nivea C&T takes off my makeup SO much more than my shabby wipes without leaving my skin feeling like my tongue after a heavy night (ie / dry and stinkin’).  It’s not too heavy either so doesn’t give you that clogged up feeling I’ve had from Nivea creams before.  Needless to say the Neutrogena moisturiser smells INSANE.  It’s mad silky as well, and you literally just have to use a lil pea size blob.  Jury’s still out on the St.Ives scrub… despite smelling so delightful I almost squeezed it straight into my mouth, I’m not sure whether it’s going to be a bit harsh for my skin.  I’ll only be using it twice a week so I’ll report back on that one later.

So there you go, a slightly different post to my usual rants / descriptions of my ridiculous life, but I do implore you to join me on this journey of skin discovery.  Or (more likely) you’ll already be ballin’ in the skincare world and (in that case) can give me tips on how to give my skin that Blake Lively dewy glow.

Big love,

BB x


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