How to love the life you live

Love, love, love this post. So incredibly relevant right now!

Let Her Eat Clean

On our bathroom window ledge resides my favourite of all those positive affirmations that do the rounds on the Interwebs:

“If you love the life you live, you will live a life of love.”

It would probably look nicer in the living room but, what’s the first thing you do of a morning? Hop out of bed to spend a penny, right? And what better words to be greeted with to start the day?

I’m so often called out as one of life’s insanely positive, smily people. I know I rub a lot of folks up the wrong way with my ridiculous cheeriness (especially first thing in the morning) and the extent to which I get excited about even the most mundane of things is exhausting for many. Regardless, I’m proudly positive. I’m also a little bit loopy.

Take this week for example. I volunteered to dress up as a blood…

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