Guest post – Introducing Lifesmile Scribbler

The first of this month’s guest posts is from Suzanne Hoare of Lifesmile Scribbler.  I’m lucky enough to count Suz as a good friend of mine.  Her bravery and infectious positivity continues to inspire me day after day.   It is with great pleasure I kick off October’s sponsored posts with a few words from her creative little brain.  Enjoy!

me smiling black frameHi there! My parents named me Suzanne at birth and I’ve been called that ever since, but most of the time I answer to Suz. It’s lovely to meet you in this virtual space where Amber, aka Buttercup Belle, has so kindly allowed me to scribble.

I’m pretty new to blogging. WordPress boggles my mind, it amazes me how people from all over the world find my site, and I haven’t got a clue what HTML stands for. But, I am relishing being part of an enormous online community and spilling my words onto a computer screen for others to read and (hopefully) enjoy.

The past year has been somewhat tumultuous. I quit my job as a lawyer because it didn’t make me happy, had a stint in legal recruitment which didn’t make me any happier, and finally found my place as a writer in an advertising agency. But my career woes were nothing compared to the loss of my uncle, aunt and two young cousins, who all died on flight MH17. It’s impossible to explain in words how this has affected my family and my life. What I can say is that it has provided me with a renewed perspective on everything. And it has made me realise that change is good. You only live once, so make sure you live with passion, energy, and love. Don’t settle. Go out and find your happiness; it won’t just come to you.

These recent circumstances were a huge motivation for my blog. Hence the name ‘Lifesmile Scribbler’. It’s a lifestyle blog, with a twist. It is a place for me to talk about anything and everything, with a focus on making the most of life. I also attempt to write with a little wit, because laughter truly is fuel for the soul. Some recent posts include my re-acquaintance with wakeboarding (and faceplanting), my unhealthy addiction to snoozing, and 10 reasons why I’m happy summer is over (and that’s coming from a sunshine baby). To celebrate my love for language I also do a little ‘word of the week’ series.

If any of this sounds at all up your street, it would make me mighty glad if you stopped by and took a look. Maybe even say hello if you’re feeling friendly. You can even follow me on Bloglovin if you like what you see. It’s very early days, but we all have to start somewhere, right? Thanks for reading!


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