October is…

…not going to be dictated by negativity, confusion or fear.  It’s going to be about embracing the chaos and learning to accept that it’s okay to not know where you’re going or how you’re going to get there.

I watched a brilliant vlog the other day by the mad talented Laura of Superlatively Rude and Meg of Wonderful you (video posted below, copyright Superlatively Wonderful collaboration).  The long and short?  Sometimes, we don’t know the answers to all of life’s questions.  Sometimes life can get a bit overwhelming.  That big intimidating question mark hanging over our troubled little 20-something heads can really start to weigh you down. But that’s okay.  It happens.  In the most surprising of places, the answer always shows itself.

So October is about rolling with that.  It’s about understanding that I’m still so young and I don’t need to have all the answers right now.  The one thing I do know?  Now is the time to take a risk.  It’s the time to run full steam ahead and just keep running.  I have no idea where the finish line is, or even when I’m going to get there.  It’s the journey I’m excited for.

Big love,

BB x


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