A space to call my own.

I’m pretty lucky that the house I moved into after breaking up with the ex included a bedroom fit for a princess.  Now, I don’t claim to be that good with interiors and measurements and all dat jazz, but I’d say it’s about three Ambers by two Ambers.  Or, to put it in Amber speak, SO MUCH ROOM FOR ACTIVITIES.


I can spin around, I can roll on the floor, I can do my squat challenge in about 30 different places.  I can dance along to Strictly, pretend I’m a tree branch by lying totally still in a dead straight line I never do that and I can practice my best drag queen catwalk ’til the cows come home.

And I have to admit, whilst break ups are obviously not about winning and losing, this lovely little nest that I call my home reiterates to me that if it was about winning… well, let’s just say, I could be doing worse I could be still living on my mate’s sofa four months later.

So this weekend I decided to make the most of two days totally to myself by clearing up and getting down and dutty with a bit of feng shui.  The result?  The beginning of an adorable little nook for all my writing based activities.

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m by no means going to give up the day job for a career as an interior designer.  In reality, all I did was scrape off the fake tan and dispose of all the makeup pads and old train tickets from my desk, replacing them with vaguely creative-type-thingys.  But… I think it’s pretty damn cute.  Already I can feel the difference transferring my writing station from my bed surrounded by teddies to my new writing corner; besides no longer having a 24-7 crippling back ache, I am actually finding it so much easier to connect with my imagination again.  I can actually motivate myself to sit and WRITE.

It’s still far from finished.  First of all, a gal can never have enough stationery; so I fully expect to end up in a months time surrounded by walls of dangerously stacked notebooks and folders.  Secondly, I’m after a lil inspiration board to prop up on the wall behind the lappy; my desk at work is covered in little postcards and photos, think it’s time to bring a little taste of that into the bedroom (definitely sounds raunchier than needed).

So here’s a small selection of some of the gorgeous little writing spaces that I hope to recreate one day.  Enjoy!

21-chalkboard-wall-planner-pink-black-white-home-office 17361520d83da3b47ad7b991575f4412 edwardian-corner-home-office gorgeous-office Selecting-the-Perfect-Wall-Organizers-Home-Office-with-stairs white-drawers-wooden-floor-wooden-wall-one-unit-of-computer-915x823office-02627fc933ab2377bcb0d07ac48e7c2f1a

What about you?  Where’s your favourite place to curl up and write?

Big love,

BB x


3 thoughts on “A space to call my own.

  1. I really like the second and fifth picture. I think you should definitely have a go at making your writing space look like that and if you succeed, maybe give us a hand! 😉

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