What your ‘about me’ really says about you

The woes of modern dating… and who said romance is dead?


Hi everyone, my name’s Lindsey and I’m a Tinderholic.

I wouldn’t say I love it, I don’t think I even like it, and sometimes it’s so predictable that I actually get really bored. There’s something soothing about the rhythm of using the app; you reach a zenlike state, a higher plane, just endlessly swiping left until you accidentally reject a 6 foot Australian surfer and fall into a pit of despair. The predictability of what guys do to persuade you to have awkward, anonymous sex with them is both reassuring and depressing.

If you’re not a psychopath and don’t occasionally lose five full minutes of precious time glazed over just blindly swiping, I will save you the trouble and depict the usual suspects before you wade into the murky, lukewarm digital dating pool:

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