3 Ways to Start Making Your Life an Adventure

Such an inspiring post from Tremendous Times, and one that resonates strongly with me. With an exciting adventure waiting around the corner a fresh outlook is just what I need right now. Do any of these ring true with you?

Tremendous Times

To do list

This post is available as an mp3 to listen to and download here.

Want more adventure in your life? Of course you do! I know this because:

1. You are reading this blog, which is clearly a travel and adventure blog.

2. You are human.

Thatโ€™s right, no matter how much you like the comfort of routine and relish in all things predictable, human beings like to be reminded that they are alive. You can have adventure on a small scale (branching out and making more friends, exploring your city, or taking on a new hobby), and you can also have it on a bigger scale (teaching English in Korea for a year, starting a business, or moving to your dream city).

The great news is, no matter the magnitude, adventure can be found everywhere! The bad news is, at first it can be really hard to find.


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