Big changes for Buttercup Belle!

2You’ll notice that I have, once again, become a lot more present on the ol’ blogging front.  I’ve missed writing so much and it feels amazing to be putting some real time back into it.  Plus, there seems to be too much going on to not record it in some way.

So, saying all that, I have decided to give Buttercup Belle a bit of a makeover with a real push towards becoming a more professional site.  Therefore, I present to you (dum diddy dum dum duuuuuum) my adorable new brand created by the madly talented Beth Cooke.  It says a lot about me how bloomin’ excited I am by it.  I mean come on, I’M A GAHD DAMN PRINCESS!

As well as this, I am formally calling out to any PR & event types.  I’ve been working with both since the beginning of this blog and The Scribble Emporium (Buttercup Belle’s sister site), but now I am officially making this a PR friendly blog.  Basically, if something’s gwan with your company or client, I want to know about it.

I will also, from next month, be offering up four advertising spaces every month.  Two of these will be used for businesses, and two for bloggers (I currently have one blogger space left, so if you’re interested drop me a line).

There’s also a lot of exciting things in the pipeline for the blog, so watch this space gals and guys.

Big love,

BB x


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