Cardiff bares all.

Earlier today I was invited to the blogger launch of Simply Bare, the latest beauty salon to hit the Welsh capital.10672063_1493474524238901_2822198952733705544_n

A boutique studio specialising in waxing, facial and massage treatments, Simply Bare is the brain child of Leah Blanc, a beauty therapist with the dream to bring a touch of Paris and London to the streets of Cardiff.  And you can see it; the salon is placed perfectly in the middle of High Street Arcade, with gorgeous and fresh decor and a generally cosmopolitan feel.  As soon as I walked in, I knew it was going to be totally different to what the city already had to offer.

We were greeted with bubbles and nibbles (always a gold star in my book) and casual chatter with the staff and other bloggers.  The staff themselves were friendly, welcoming and clearly clued up; we were also joined by the beauty lecturer and sister of the boss, Gillian Blanc.  Both her and Leah kicked off the evening with speeches about the company and the world of waxing.  All brand new information to me, a total waxing novice (mySB last memory being a Brazilian wax from the most overwhelmingly Christian woman I have ever met with figurines of Jesus watching me the whole time and her patting my va-jj every time she pulled off the wax and cooing “good girl, good girl”); but pretty fascinating.

We quickly found out they are the only salon in Cardiff that offer Lycon waxing; simply put, the dog’s bollocks of waxing.  It smells delightful, it feels amazing and it leaves you feeling as soft as a baby’s bottom.  They use a combination of lotions and potions, Lycon wax (which comes in so many delicious flavours I had to hold myself back from actually tasting them) and oils to make your experience as painless, hygienic and luxurious as possible.

Sure, sure, they can talk the talk, but can they walk the walk?

After the speeches we all made our way one of the adorable treatment rooms (which, FYI, have TVs on the wall playing Sex and the City. Yep) so we could all have a taster treatment.  I, being the hairy beast that I am, went for a good old upper lip wax (Mother’s, lock up ya sons!).  Normally, any type of hair removal makes me convulse.  Thanks to my Portuguese genes (cheers Nan) I have the thickest and strongest hair ever.  Them babies do not want to come out, not for anyone.  So. as she applied the chocolate flavoured (mmmmmm) wax to my upper lip, I was a bit nervous.  Not just because I looked like Hitler and there wasfood a photographer stood right in front of me, but because I was in a room of people and didn’t want to look like a total wimp crying at a bit of wax.

And honestly, hand on heart, I couldn’t even feel a thing.  It peeled off like a bit of PVA glue on my hands (no, just me that does that for fun?) and left with it the smoothest upper lip that just begs to be touched.  And it smells DELIGHTFUL.

So would I recommend Simply Bare? Yes, yes, a hundred times yes.  As someone who loathes all hair removal and shudders at the cringe worthy memories of it, the salon offers a really relaxed and classy approach to it.  Lovely girls, lovely atmosphere, top notch treatments.

Thanks for the invite team!

Big love,

BB x


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