Double Trouble!

10407938_10152271310146300_732537892893179671_nA few days ago I received the fantastic, overwhelming, blinkin’ wonderful news that my darling sister is expecting not one baby… but two!  A total surprise, I’m pretty sure I’d have been less shocked if she’d told me she was expecting a teeny, tiny dinosaur baby.

But alas, it’s true, it’s happening!  In six months, two mini Mason’s will be entering the world, and they will be welcomed with all the love, devotion and, above all, gifts two bambinas could dream of.

It’s safe to say I have never felt so happy.  I’d known for a fair few weeks that she was expecting (the most difficult secret I have ever had to keep… and probably to blame for the buckets and buckets of tears shed at her wedding from yours truly), but this… this is just something else.

It’s exactly the news that I, and the family, needed.  For various reasons there has been a bit of a cloud hanging over the Bell clan for a while.  Family dramas are never far from this lot.  But this promise of beautiful new life and love has left with it a wake of eternal joy and hope.  Finally, I know what it is to feel that head over heels, all consuming happiness that y’all talk about.

I already feel so much love for these little monkeys; a love that holds no disappointment, no rejection, no pain.  Just pure, delightful love.  And I can’t wait to be the coolest, sassiest Auntie this town ever did see!

Plus, it’s an excuse to buy TWICE as much for these future supermodels.  A big, fat, massive tick from me.

Big love,

BB x


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