Time for an adventure.

Firstly, I can’t believe it has been almost a month since my last post; that totally sums up how incredibly hectic the past few weeks have been for me.  It’s been one of those months where everything seems to happen at once.  Dramas rear their ugly head, work goes off the charts, you’re struck by every illness known to man, you barely find a moment to just sit back and relax… I think you get the idea.  Total. Mayhem.  But among the mayhem there has been one ray of light… a massive, sparkling, rhinestone clad ray of light that is.

10562959_10152377550924389_1063958824107105834_nMy best friend and beautiful, kind, wonderful older sister married the love of her life.  It was the most emotional day (for all the right reasons) and just an incredible experience I will never forget.  I haven’t felt that level of pure happiness in such a long time.  It was a deafening reminder of how important it is to find what it is that makes you happy and grab it with both hands.

This beautiful experience was followed by a week away from the city with my family.  Every little (okay… massive) bit of stress that had been clinging on to me for the past few months just seemed to disappear.  I felt like Amber again.

10613084_10152219119541300_5082002490228894168_nAnd now… I am back.  I am back to a lovely, cheap house with great girls, I am back to an amazing job, I am back to a beautiful city.  Really I have it pretty good.  Surely I can’t complain?

But what’s that niggling little gremlin clawing it’s way back into my sub conscious?  I need an adventure.  I need to think about myself for once.

And really, shouldn’t we all be doing that? Life is far too short to do what people want you to do.  It’s too short to play it safe and stick with what you know.

So think – are you doing something that fills you with happiness?  Do you surround yourself with people that bring light and support to your life?  Do you make the most of each and every opportunity laid in front of you?

Because if the answer is no… it’s time to make a change.  Don’t let anything weigh you down.  Embrace positivity and be the change you want to see in the world around you.

Big love,

BB x


2 thoughts on “Time for an adventure.

    1. Thanks darl, it feels nice to be writing again… such a mad busy few weeks I haven’t had a chance! Oh thank you so much, it was such a beautiful day! We really do, so so important! xx

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