August is…

… Saying goodbye to one of the most turbulent months of my life. It’s a fresh start, and the first steps towards something amazing.

August is going to see me starting my studies once again; after a year out, believe me it’s already proving difficult! Sitting in bed with my Princess laptop propped on me, Simba cushion supporting my back… it’s not the best atmosphere. So August is also going to see me buying the most rock n roll thing evuh: a desk chair. YOU HEARD ME RIGHT. Shit’s going down kinds.

Contrary to how it sounds, I am actually really enjoying getting my geek on again. I know it’s all for an exciting, wonderful cause. Finding the motivation shouldn’t be too hard.

August is going to see my best friend and big sister marrying the love of her life. It’s a day that fills me with overwhelming joy every time I even think about it. I feel so blessed to be playing such an important role in her special day, and can’t wait to celebrate and mark the occasion in true style. 17 days and counting!

August will see me letting my hair down, taking time out to focus on myself and releasing all the negativity I’ve had pent up inside. It’s about saying goodbye to the past, and hello to the next chapter of my life. It’s hard to believe the amount that has changed in just a few short months; yet here we are, just a hop, skip and a jump away from my 23rd birthday. It’s safe to say that the months ahead are going to seriously define the rest of my life.

Big love,

BB x


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