Blogspiration #2

This week’s blogspiration comes from the fabulously glamorous Kirsty, a beauty blogger from the Isle of Wight (just a stone’s throw away from my merry homeland of Southampton).

Kirsty’s blog, A Yellow Brick Blog, is without doubt the prettiest, pinkest most princess-tastic thing I have ever seen. And y’all know how much I love all things princess.

Since discovering her blog I’ve been even more inspired to kick-start mine again and really dedicate myself to posting regularly. She’s an absolute expert at this; regular, varied posts mean there’s always something fresh and interesting to read.

Primarily A Yellow Brick Blog is beauty focused, with well-thought out and informative reviews; perfect if you’re looking for some new products to try out… she’s tried them all! But what sells this blog for me is its on-going feature, Dress Like Disney.

Yep – you heard me. Dress Like Disney. Could there be a more idyllic series? COULD THIS GIRL BE MY KINDRED SPIRIT?!

Nothing in the world fills me with joy like Disney. No matter how many years pass, whatever happens to me in life, Disney will also be my numero uno. Anything that plays homage to the wonderful world of Walt immediately gets my vote.

Kirsty not only blogs regularly for this series (she’s on her 11th DLD post now – Lilo and Stich, check it out here) but she also puts each set of her Intagme account, keeping all the gorgeous outfits in one place.

Because, FYI, these outfits are the dogs bollocks. Forget princess frilly gowns which I totally don’t own, these are seriously hot outfits. So basically, I could dress like a Disney character every single day and look friggin’ fabulous.




A snapshot from her blog!

So thank you Kirsty – you’ve secured yourself a lifelong fan!

Big love,

BB x


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