Blogspiration #1

About a week ago I had the absolute pleasure of being introduced to a blog called Superlatively Rude.  The lifestyle blog follows the life of Laura; a fabulous woman after my own heart.  If you love travel, vagina talk and poo prose, then this may well be the blog for you.

Laura’s most recent post is about a letter she wrote to herself when she was going through a particularly tough time.  She sent the letter to her Auntie to keep hold of until she wanted to read it.  Past self to future self kind of thing.

And seriously – what an amazing idea.  The letter itself was touching.  Pretty much a tale of “It’s shit, but you know it is going to get better.”  It was inspiring, deeply personal and just… well, wonderful.  I cannot think of a better way to not only get all of your feelings out (I certainly find it so much easier to express myself through the written rather than spoken word) and, in some way, gain a bit of closure over the situation, but also set yourself up for an exciting few years of discovery before you read the letter again.  You write to your future self with the hopes and dreams that soon your life will be a much brighter, joyful place.

So that’s what I’m going to do.  Inspired by this beautiful blog, I am going to write to future Amber.  I’m going to tell myself exactly how shit it has been, how it’s gradually getting better and how soon (hopefully) things are going to be fucking amazing.  The next year could potentially be a life-changing one for me.  If all goes to plan (fingers crossed) there are some seriously exciting destinations awaiting me.  The thought of being able to go on this journey and at the end of it be given a reminder of how far I had come is incredible.  It would make it all the more meaningful.

Why have I written this post if I’m not going to share the letter then?  Well, because if any of you are going through a particularly difficult or even just confusing time, I urge you to do this yourself.  Connect with your deepest feelings, your dreams and aspirations, and then set yourself the task of turning them into a reality.  Use your letter as that kick up the butt to start making your life a happier place.

Big love,

BB x


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