Time to try something new.

So this has been a pretty good week for me.  After the inevitable post-Easter sluggish few days and the painful “how is it not even hump-day” moments, I was very excited to see that on Friday I hit (and actually beat) my Race for Life target!  With three monthsrace still to go I’m feeling so positive and proud.  Needless to say it’s only a drop in the ocean, but it’s the first thing I’ve ever done on this scale and I know that my Nan (whom I am running for) would be incredibly proud.

But Friday was also well, different, for another reason as well.  After seeing countless girls that already did it looking damn fabulous I decided to go along to my first pole dancing class.  Fack. Me. It ain’t for the faint hearted.  I was already a nervous wreck before I got there (ridiculous, I know, but I’ve always considered myself a bit of a weed… I was dreading being shown up by these amazingly talented girls) and even more nervous when I saw the girls already part of the class throwing themselves this way and that, pretty much holding on to the pole by their pinky toe.

tumblr_ml65t2Ra7R1rpno6go1_1280gLuckily, they were all absolute dolls.  It was a pretty small class, but I’m so glad of it.  They welcomed me in straight away and started showing me the ropes.  And surprisingly, I wasn’t actually too bad!  Don’t get me wrong, I looked like a dying slug sliding around that pole, but I had so much more upper body, core and leg strength than I realised.  I did lots of forwards and backwards spins, climbed the pole and a couple of one handed balances.  Nothing fantastic, but for my first time I was pretty impressed with myself.

And it got me thinking.  Actually, since I’ve been trying to get on the golden track to fitness, I’ve been strengthening parts of my body I’ve never even considered before.  And I love it.  A couple of the girls in the class actually called me strong. ME?! STRONG?! When did that happen??

I loved that feeling so much that today I had the gym PT set me up with a new weights training programme.  Luckily (or maybe unluckily due to the pain I am now in) the PT is training for a triathlon at the moment, so he knew his shit when it came to getting
my body even more ready for my upcoming races.

So expect lots of updates on how this all goes!  I’m only at the very beginning, but I’m excited to see my strength improve not only on the pole but also in the gym and in my running.  I’ve already started noticing changes just through the past month and a half of training, so hopefully with this new training regime these changes will start to become even more prominent.

Well, here’s hoping.

Big love,

BB x



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