Cardiff goes green!

After a long weekend of eating absolutely everything in my path (bank holiday belly alert) and returning back to Cardiff to find nothing except questionable soft cheese in the fridge, I made the very wise decision of taking myself out for a bite to eat this lunch time.

Being one of the only keen beans to come back into work today, that bite was going to be a solo one.  So, armed with this month’s book club book, I made my way over to Café Pure; a place I have been dying to go to for some time now.

For those who don’t already know, Café Pure is located ideally on Cardiff Bay, opposite Wales Millennium Centre and right next to the Bay fountains.  A fresh, glass walled building, it sits perfectly in its idyllic surroundings.


So I’d found the place (a feat that might seem easy, but clever old me only a few days ago   realised where it actually was… classic), now I just had to pick something off of the ridiculous drool-worthy menu.  Café Pure prides itself on being Cardiff’s 1st healthy food restaurant.  Its nutritious menu boasts food rich in protein and fresh ingredients, all broken down into calorie count, fat etc etc.  Basically, my dream restaurant.


In the end I went for The Anti-Oxidant; a dreamy concoction of tuna, leaves, blueberries, raspberries, kale, halloumi, walnuts, quinoa, avocado and bean mix.  It sounded absolutely delightful, and sent the old cogs spinning with ideas of new lunches I could make myself (I’m one of those people who gets so sick and tired of meals after a week of eating the same meal that the thought of eating it for one more day makes me want to vomit).


Sure enough, it was totally en pointe.  At £6.99, I did originally feel it was a bit steep for what I assumed to be a salad… when it arrived, those thoughts were blown out of the park.  A huge bowl of food-porn was placed in front of my greedy eyes.  I felt my shoulders slump, my mouth hang open and a teeny tiny bit of drool escape.  It looked amazing; and sure enough, it tasted amazing as well.  The perfect blend of flavours, every individual component was complemented by the tastes surrounding it.  I could feel myself filling with energy (which, let’s face it, was pretty lacking after a heavy weekend of alcohol, chocolate and carby joy) and knew this was going to be my new favourite hotspot.

To top it off, the staff were friendly, helpful and cheerful, and the general atmosphere was relaxed and, well, spot on.


To finish it off I treated myself to The Life-Line Smoothie: a vitamin explosion of mixed berries, bananas, orange, low fat live yoghurt, fresh orange juice and crushed ice.  At £3.49 I doubt this is going to be my daily morning juice, but it’s amazing for that quick-fix health kick.  I’m excited to try all the other smoothies from the menu; all specifically made with some sort of boost in mind.

Overall, it’s safe to say I have found a new love in my life.  The perfect way to ease myself back into my healthy regime; here’s to trying the rest of the menu!

Big love,

BB x

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2 thoughts on “Cardiff goes green!

  1. Hi Amber, so pleased that you loved Café Pure, but next time you visit, could you pop into Craft in the Bay (through the doors at the end of the café)? It’s a fab shop/gallery and has the best of Welsh crafts from jewellery & textiles, to pottery, ceramics and much more. The work is made by members of the Makers Guild in Wales and we’d love you to have a look around and tell us what you think. Café Pure is a welcome addition to our building and we like to think we complement each other, so we’d love to see you in our gallery.

    1. Hi Lorraine, thanks for your comment and of course! I work just across the street in WMC so we are only a stone’s through away from one another. I look forward to visiting soon 🙂

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