Why it’s so easy to fall off the wagon.

Since signing myself up to the Cardiff Half I’ve been such a good lady.  Gym / jog / netball every day of the week, careful diet plan to cut out all the junk, bottle of water constantly at the ready.

I am totally, well and truly, full on all over it.

Well, kind of.

The thing is, I can’t help but have these “off days”.  You know the sort.  That day when the delicious aroma of a bacon sarnie finds its way under your eager nostrils, or the day that exquisite chocolate muffin is sat temptingly on the snacks desk at work (snacks desk – aka my nemesis).  And no matter how hard I try, now and again I might slip (ever so slightly!) off the wagon.

bruce Okay, maybe ever so slightly isn’t 100% honest.  Put it this way, today I made my  way through a yum yum, a chocolate muffin AND an iced ring donut whilst sat at my  desk. Yup.  I am a disgusting human being.  There is absolutely no excuse.

But excluding my over the top, vom inducing gorge, I think it’s time to take a big  breath and accept that it really is that easy to fall of the wagon.  It doesn’t make you  a bad person.  WE ARE ALL HUMAN.  You just have to pick yourself up, dust  yourself off (quite literally – I was totally covered in evidence) and move on.  Get  back into the gym, get out the blueberries and take a step forwards.

Life really is too short to never enjoy the fatty things in life.  A cheat day is  TOTALLY deserved after a week of sweat and blood.  Just maybe try to avoid the  triple carb whammy and limit yourself to one delectable treat.  One day (one day far  far away) I will be able to look at a cheese toastie and say, No, never again.

Today is not that day.

Big love,

BB x


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