10 Tips for a More Eco-Lifestyle.

Wanting to leave your print on the planet can seem like a pretty overwhelming feat. The more I delve into the dangers impacting our world, the less I feel as if a solution is within grasp. Rather, the solution is there. It just needs mass implementation to start reversing the damage. It’s all too easy […]

How Bad is Bad Enough?

“It sounds like this isn’t so much an issue of the anxiety anymore, but more your depressive episodes.” It seemed ridiculous to me. Anxiety has always been the “thing” I’ve held onto. I understood it. Sure, I didn’t welcome it, but I knew it and it knew me. We’d become accustomed with one another and […]

5 Netflix Documentaries To Change The Way You Think About Food.

Since officially turning vegetarian at the beginning of 2017 (I say officially because I spent most of my Australia and South East Asia travels vegetarian before consciously cutting down my meat intake on my return to the UK) I’ve been continuously trying to educate myself on the benefits of a vegetarian lifestyle. Not so much […]

Review: Matthew Bourne’s The Red Shoes.

In the wake of yesterday’s devastation in London, a night of pure escapism has never felt more necessary. Escapism for me comes in many forms; it could be an evening curled under the covers with a book, a walk out in nature, a few hours spent with pen and paper… Or it could be a […]

This Life.

This life I am building its four walls and its pristine furniture the puzzle pieces one by one picture perfect.   This life I slide through so close so very far from the person I became those endless months ago.   2017 brought with it an eerie silence no fireworks to kick off this year […]


When i think of that island i think of that night i think of us four ink splats dancing on the sandy canvas spreading out in our own hypnotic state   we weren’t allowed in the water not that we listened the fear of sharks couldn’t stop us shedding our clothes our inhibitions for one small moment resting […]