Bangkok Mornings.

Who would have thought that those chance moments hidden in the haze of too many Chang would have led us here?   I remember the room as if it was yesterday. remember the cool beige floors sticky with the taste of spilt beer and god knows what else. the balcony looking out over the river. […]


10 Reasons Yoga is Anxiety’s Ultimate Cure.

Whether you suffer from acute anxiety disorder or a more generalised form, you’ll know the symptoms like the back of your hand. That familiar feeling of dread, fear and panic… and all for a reason that your conscious mind knows is totally ridiculous. Anxiety can rear its head in so many different ways. From insomnia […]


Why Travelling Ruins You.

I’ve been home for two months now. Two months of being reunited with my loved ones… some of whom I haven’t seen for next to two years. Laughter, tears, endless reminiscing. Beginning to make the plans that were just daydreams before. “See you soon” really means soon. The thousands of miles dissolved into but a […]


Be The Light.

I found it difficult to know where to begin with this one. Impossible, even, as the days passed and each one was painted with another tragedy. Another reminder of the darkness absorbing our world. Every morning I wake up and turn to my phone almost expecting to find further devastation. In the past few months […]


Make Your Voice Heard.

I’ve been enjoying a slower pace of life recently. It started with a move away from social media. A declutter and cleanse from the noise that was saturating my life. A commitment to detach myself from comparison and instead focus on myself. My worthy self.


More Than Enough.

I’ve been waiting to write this post for a long time. Waiting, wondering. Unsure of how to put this feeling, this bizarre and confusing feeling, into words. I should start off by saying that coming home; well, it hasn’t been easy. It’s been up and down, hot and cold, exciting and terrifying. For the first […]